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Classical Music


Whale Songs – Orchestra Communicates to Whales Through Music

Talking to whales may conjure up images of Dory in Finding Nemo trying to speak whale, but what if it were really possible? That's what...

10 Classical Music Pieces That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Classical music is typically thought of as calming and romantic. You wouldn't expect to be headbanging at a symphony concert, but these pieces will...
lord of the rings play along book cello

Best Play-Along Beginner Cello Books

Do you have a child who just started learning the cello? Do you teach the beginning orchestra at a school? Do you teach privately...

6 Different Versions of Bach’s Cello Suites

Johan Sebastian Bach is one of the best composers we have seen in the history of humankind. His music was precise, soulful, innovative, spiritual...


featured image of best music schools in the US from Orchestra Central

10 Best Music Schools in the US

Joining one of the best music conservatories in the US is a great decision for those who want to pursue a music career in the future. They have the most experienced faculty, the best music facilities, and a wide range of music degrees. Some institutions even offer undergraduate programs while others allow students to combine courses. Types of Music Schools Music schools at the undergraduate and graduate levels exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. The music conservatory is the most specialized of these. A...
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Learn Cello Online: Online Cello Lessons & Cello Classes

Playing the cello can be challenging at first, but it is possible to become a skilled player at any age! While traditional, in-person musical instruction has benefits, many online cello lessons offer a comprehensive and flexible learning experience. The question now is where to learn cello online. You don't have to look anywhere else because we've compiled the 13 best places to learn cello online based on the available programs, syllabus, and duration of the course. 1. Cello Academy The Cello...
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Famous Classical Piano Composers

The 18th and 19th centuries saw many of the greatest composers of classical piano music in human history. Beginning with the baroque era and moving forward, famous classical piano composers such as Bach and Beethoven composed many classical piano pieces and symphonies known and loved today. These classical piano composers are thought to be the fathers of classical music, from which much of our modern-day pieces derived their roots. Here are some of the most famous piano composers of all time. 1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Man playing a piano

Famous Black Composers

For a very long time, the world has been battling racism that has been rampant in society. Many people and organizations have come forward to condemn this vice that has affected many people. Movements such as Black Lives Matter have played a key role in raising awareness concerning the rights of black people. Black composers wrote songs concerning racial discrimination, as well as hope, love, hope, hard work, being proud to be black. Here are the nine famous black composers you should know about. 9 Black Composers That Made a Huge...
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What Is Meter in Music?

ONE, two, three, four. ONE, two, three, four. Musical rhythm can be broken down into meters, usually denoted by a four or eight count in Western-style music. But what is meter in music? Simply put, the meter of music is the pattern that the beat makes. These are usually made up of a series of stressed and unstressed beats, and meters come in three forms: simple, compound, and complex. Types of Meter in Music 1. Simple If the music's beats can be divided into...
Man holding a music sheet with Opus

What Is an Opus?

What is an opus? Opus goes by the abbreviation op, and that is how most people know it. It is the digit allocated for any music in order of album composition. Some of its importance include helping in the music stage determination. It will help you know if the music was in the beginner's period of the singer's carrier or at his prime. Another vital significance is that it will help anyone locate the music. For example, a composer with two A flats in his carrier at different times and with different names. The...
best tenor ukuleles

Best Ukulele Strings 2021

The ukulele is a fun and easy instrument to learn which is why it makes a great beginner's instrument. Like a guitar, players pluck the string with their fingers or a ukulele pick to create a sound. Over time, these strings wear out and need to be replaced. Since there are many types of ukulele strings in the market, we've found the best ukulele strings and reviewed them below. Take a look through the strings below and find the strings that will work the best for you. Overall Best Soprano Ukulele Strings Aquila New Nylgut AQ-4 Soprano Ukulele Strings The nylgut offer...
electric ukulele

Best Electric Ukuleles Review 2021

Ukuleles, in general, are musical instruments which are noted for their distinct tone and their ease of use characteristics. Beginners who are interested in playing such would find learning and playing ukuleles to be enjoyable. Electric ukuleles, in particular, are great especially if you are performing on stage. However, due to the variety of electric ukuleles in the market, choosing the most suitable instrument can be quite tricky. On this article, we are going to identify ten of the best electric ukuleles in the market. Best Electric Soprano Ukuleles Best%20Electric%20Soprano%20Ukuleles||| Best Electric Concert Ukuleles Best%20Electric%20Concert%20Ukuleles|||| Best Electric Tenor Ukuleles Best%20Electric%20Tenor%20Ukuleles||| What to Look for in Electric...
Best Clarinets And Brands 2021

Best Clarinets and Clarinet Brands 2021

If you are a clarinet player, you might already know that there are many brands and types of clarinets available for beginning students, intermediate players, and even professionals. However, if you are just starting out, or even if you have been playing for a while, these choices may seem pretty difficult. There is a wide range of clarinets that people of different levels use for everyday playing. This article outlines a few things to look for, and then discusses our evaluation of the best clarinets for beginner and intermediate students. Best Beginner Clarinet Buffet B12 Student Clarinet Buffet makes high-quality clarinets that...
Best Soprano Recorders

Best Soprano Recorders 2021

Soprano recorders are one of the most common instruments used to teach music to beginners. The reason is not only because recorders are light and portable, but also because it is relatively easy to learn songs. Since there are lots of soprano recorders in the market, it can be difficult to determine what the best soprano recorders are. In this article, we will tell you about our favorite soprano recorders that are currently available on Amazon. Best Overall Soprano Recorder Yamaha YRS-23Y Soprano Recorder Our favorite soprano recorder for students who are just starting out.Features: • Beginner-friendly • Three piece construction • Key of C Best Soprano...

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